PTYS 411
Geology and Geophsics of the Solar System

Prof. Shane Byrne — 626-0407 — 524 Kuiper Building


Week starting Lecture 1 Lecture 2
1/13 No Lecture Introduction
Forming the solar system
1/20 Forming Planetary Crusts Gravity and Topography
1/27 Planetary Tectonics Impact Cratering
2/3 Dating Planetary Surfaces Vacuum Processes
2/10 Asteroids Planetary Volcanism
2/17 History of the Moon and Mercury
2/24 Plate Tectonics History of Venus
3/3 Generating sediments Spare slot to absorb cancelations
3/10 Aeolian Transport Fluvial Transport
3/17 No Lecture
(Spring Break)
No Lecture
(Spring Break)
3/24 Groundwater & Shorelines Glacial and Periglacial Processes
3/31 History of Mars Planetary Ices
4/7 Planetary Ices II Io and Europa
4/14 Ganymede and Callisto Titan
4/21 Other Moons of Saturn Moons of Uranus and Neptune
4/28 Project presentations Project presentations
5/5 Project presentations No Lecture
(Reading Day)

The background image is of Phoebe, a moon of Saturn. It was acquired by the Cassini spacecraft in June of 2004. See here for the original image and more info.