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I am a Senior Research Associate at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory (LPL), The University of Arizona.   A major focus of my efforts is analysis of the GRS data (W. V. Boynton, PI) obtained from instruments on Mars Odyssey Spacecraft.   I have also worked extensively on theoretical and observational studies concerning Mercury, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Comet SL-9.  Concentrated efforts have been in visible and mid-infrared spectroscopy.   Robert Strom and I have recently published  Exploring Mercury:  The Iron Planet (Springer/Praxis, 2003).  Past projects include identifying relationships between the atmosphere and surface of Mercury, measuring water vapor in Mars atmosphere, and studying the effects of Comet SL-9 on the jovian atmosphere.  Another area of scientific effort is thermal modeling of rough planetary surfaces and modeling aspects of planetary atmospheres;  jovian, martian, mercurian and lunar.  One major research focus is to interpret the results of a large ground-based data set of martian water vapor obtained during 1996 – 1999.  Together with other colleagues, an effort is being made to explain the low southern latitude Spring water vapor minimum.  As an active participant in matters of planetary science in general, I have served on the Solar System Decadal Survey Panels for the Inner Planets and Mars, the Icarus Editorial Board, the National Research Council's Committee on Planetary and Lunar Exploration (COMPLEX).  In addition I have served as the AAS Division for Planetary Sciences Chair of the Committee for the Status of Women and Chair of the Nominating Committee.  I am currently a member of the Nominating Committee for the AAAS.  In addition, I was recently elected to sit on the Division for Planetary Sciences Committee from 2003 – 2005 and to serve on the Management Operations Working Group (MOWG) for the KECK and IRTF telescopes.



2004  Convener of Surface-bounded Exospheres session for the Spring AGU meeting in Montreal, Canada

2004 - 2007 Management Operations Working Group (MOWG) for KECK and IRTF telescopes

2003-2005  Division for Planetary Sciences Committee

2003  Scientific Organizing Committee Mercury Session IAU Symposium Sydney Australia, August 2003

2002  Scientific Organizing Committee Hapke Symposium Pittsburgh, PA  September, '02

2001  Scientific Organizing Committee Mercury Meeting Chicago, October 2001

2002-2003  elected position, AAAS Nominating Committee

2002  Solar System Decadal Survey:  Inner Planets and Mars Sub-panels

1999 – 2002  COMPLEX

1995-present  member of numerous review panels for NASA and NSF

1998-2000  ICARUS Editorial Board

1998-  DPS 98 Organizing Committee

1998-Chair  “Thermal Emission Spectroscopy and Data Analysis of Dusts, Disks and Regoliths”

           Houston, TX April 28-30, 1999.

1997  Convener of Mars Telescopic Workshop II, held in Tucson, Arizona October 4-6, 1997

1995-96  DPS Organizing Committee

1994-96  Terrestrial Planets Science Working Group (TePSWg), subcommittee.

1994  International Astronomical Union.  Commission #16: Physical Studies of Planets and


1992-1995  AIAA, Technical Sub-Committee of Space Sciences.

1991-1994  Chair, Committee for the Status of Women in Planetary Science for the Division of Planetary Sciences, Amer. Ast. Society

1991  Guest editor for a special issue on the Moon:  Geophysical Research Letters

1991  Organizational Committee for the Division of Planetary Science Annual Meeting:

          Palo Alto, CA

1988   Deputy Administrator for the Mars Ball Organization:  LPL, University of Arizona




1996  Exceptional Achievement Award, from Goddard Space Flight Center.  This award is granted for either a single exceptional achievement or sustained achievements that have contributed significantly to Goddard’s mission.

1995  NASA Group Achievement Award, from NASA for contributions to the outstanding

achievements of the Kuiper Airborne Astronomy Program in observing Comet

 Shoemaker Levy 9.

1990  Gerard P. Kuiper Memorial Award.  This award is given to a graduating student from the

            Department of Planetary Sciences at the University of Arizona who has demonstrated

outstanding research and scholastic capability.



2003 Sprague, A. L.  “Search for volcanics and pyroxene in Mercury’s regolith”  IAU Symposium,

            Sydney Australia, July 21, 2003.

2001 Sprague, A. L. "Mercury MESSENGER Mission:  Finding Answers to Questions Raised

            from Mariner 10 and Ground-based Observations", May 24, ISDC 2001, Albuquerque NM.

2001 Sprague, A. L. "Mars Atmosphere:  A Review With Emphasis on Future Missions"

            COMPLEX, Tucson, AZ  to be presented January 29.

2000 Sprague, A. L.  "Mercury's Tenuous Atmosphere; Enigmas and Opportunities" 

            AGU Spring meeting, June 6, Washington, D.C.

2000 Sprague, A. L.  "Mercury:  What We Know About This Unusual Planet",  April 12, Explorer's Club, Tucson, AZ.

1997 Sprague, A. L. “Gaseous components of Mercury:  exogenous and endogenous” AGU, San

            Francisco, Dec. 1997.

1996 Hunten, D.M. and A. L. Sprague Origin and Character of the Lunar and Mercurian

            Atmospheres COSPAR, presented July  14, 1996.

1996 Sprague, A. L. Mercury: New Perspectives and Unanswered Questions.  Western Pacific

            Geophysical Meeting.  Brisbane, Australia, presented July 24, 1996.

1996 Sprague, A. L. Dust and Hydrocarbons from SL-9.  Western Pacific Geophysical Meeting.

            Brisbane, Australia, presented July 24, 1996.

1996 Sprague, A. L. “A Coronograph for Lunar Atmosphere Studies”  DPS sub-committee on

            Coronographic Telescopes.  Presented, Tues. October 22.

1995 Sprague, A. L. Mid-infrared observations and the Chemistry following the Impact

            of Comet Shoemaker Levy-9 into the Jovian Atmosphere AAAS Annual meeting,

            Atlanta, Georgia.  February 17, 1995.

1994 Sprague, A. L. A Comparison of the Lunar and Mercurian Na and K Atmospheres.  July

            13, at Search for other Solar Systems, Hilo, Hawaii.

1993 Sprague, A. L. The Lunar Sodium Atmosphere and Related Topics: A Review.  Sodium

            Atmospheres Workshop, San Juan Capistrano, CA.

1992 Sprague, A. L. Surface Mineralogy of Asteroids Determined from Mid-Infrared

            Spectroscopy: The Potential.  Astronomical Infrared Spectroscopy Conference,

            Calgary, Canada.

1991 Sprague, A. L. Mercury: A Review of Recent (1989-present) Results from Observations

            and Theory.  DPS annual meeting, Bull. Am. Astron. Soc., 23, 1192.

1991 Morgan, T. H., Sprague, A. L., Hunten, D.M., Potter, A. E., Recent Observations of the

            Lunar Atmosphere.  Spring meeting of the American Geophysical Union.  EOS, 72,

            17, 178.




Doctor of Philosophy in Planetary Science:  May, 1990

Minor in Optical Sciences

Dissertation:  1990 An Observational Comparison of Mercury and the Moon.  

The University of Arizona, Department of Planetary Sciences.


Master of Arts in Astronomy:  June, 1982 

Investigation of Equatorial Plasma Depletions Using  All-sky Photographs  of 6300 Angstrom Airglow.  Masters Thesis,

Boston University, Department of Astronomy and Space Physics.

1983 Mendillo, Michael and Ann L. Tyler, Geometry of Depleted Plasma

      Regions in the Equatorial Ionosphere. JGR, 88, 5778 - 5782.


Bachelor of Arts in Geology:  June, 1969     Syracuse University



1990  Gerard P. Kuiper Memorial Award

An award for outstanding scholarship and research of a cash prize and honor given by

the Department of Planetary Sciences, University of Arizona to a graduating Ph.D. student.

1969 Chauncy Holmes Outstanding Geology Major

A stipend and book were awarded to a senior geology major that had shown

academic and scholarly achievement in studies in the Department of Geology at Syracuse University.

1969 1968 NDEA Scholarships.

These scholarships were awarded

to students with high scholastic achievement who promised to pursue

public school teaching.



Susquehanna University (1983 - 1984)

     Adjunct Instructor of Astronomy and Introduction to Mathematics


Boston University  (1980 – 1982)

     Astronomy 101 teaching assistant

Selinsgrove Area Public School District (1982-83) and (1974 – 1979)

     Physical Science

     Director of  Planetarium that served area school district and community

Susquehanna University (1979 - 1982, adjunct Professor)

Bucknell University (1979 - 1982), adjunct Professor)



International Astronomical Union   Section 16:  Planetary Science

American Geophysical Union

American Astronomical Society Division for Planetary Science

American Association for the Advancement of Science