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Solar and Heliospheric Research Group

Heliospheric Current Sheet
The Solar and Heliospheric Research Group seeks a greater understanding of the diverse plasma processes at work within the solar system and throughout the universe. Research topics range from the physics of the solar interior and atmosphere to the solar wind, energetic particle transport, and acceleration processes.


Research Faculty/Scientists:
Joe Giacalone
J.R. (Randy) Jokipii
Jozsef Kota
Marcia Neugebauer
Tamara Rogers
Federico Fraschetti
Huirong Yan
Graduate Students:
Eric Greenfield
Fan Guo
Erica McEvoy
Tom Schad
Peng Sun


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American Geophysical Union
AAS Solar Physics Division
SWPC: Current Space Weather Conditions
Voyager: The Interstellar Mission


National Academy Sciences (NAS) recognizes Marcia Neugebauer as the recipient of the Arctowski Medal "for definitively establishing the existence of the solar wind, critical to understanding the physics of the heliosphere, and for elucidating many of its key properties."
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NAS Press Release

The Solar Physics Division of the American Astronomical Society (AAS) has awarded Marcia Neugebauer the 2010 George Ellery Hale Prize "for her seminal contributions to the discovery of the solar wind and her extensive and ongoing contributions to solar-heliospheric physics."
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This summer school offers an intensive one-week course in topics related to the physics of the Sun. The course is designed for graduate and advanced undergraduate students with an interest in solar physics and who may possibly want to pursue a career in solar physics, space physics,or related field. The purpose is to provide an introduction to solar physics for students that do not have an opportunity to take such a course at their home institution. Website


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