FIRS data reduction:

In the process of using the Facility Infrared Spectropolarimeter (FIRS) at the Dunn Solar Telescope in New Mexico, I have adapted, modified, and extended the original pipeline for FIRS data. My software is available to those interested. Below you will find a gzipped tar file with the software archive. Included with the archive is a brief manual mostly containing quickstart information at this time. A more complete description of the reduction procedure is forthcoming. The compressed file contains sample data to test the procedure on your machine and is 614 MB in size.


Code related recommendations:

I am often looking for good recommendations on how to implement specific visualization and analysis methods for scientific data. Primarily I use IDL as my visualization tool, but some other packages can often be more useful to achieve certain goals. Here are notes on just a few specific issues that might be useful for others. I am open to suggestions for improving these methods.

  • Making figures in IDL (will be a link)
  • Movie making with IDL and FFMPEG, plus cross-platform media players