Valladolid and Cenotes

 image Cenotes are underground caves full of water. The Maya thought that they were portals to the underworld and tossed sacrafices, including humans into them. From the surface, they look like small sink holes.
 image We did most of our cenote viewing outside of Valladolid. Cenotes can be pretty nice places to swim.
 image The roots of a large tree have found their way to the water.
 image After 10 days of riding we were anxious to get our clothes clean, so we gave them to the hotel laundry the day before exploring cenotes (Dec. 23). The hotel promised that they would be ready for the next day, but Christmas eve arrived and neither the laundry lady or our clothes were anywhere to be found. We had to have dinner on Christmas eve in what we had - our dirty bike clothes. This attracted a few stares from the well dressed locals.