Laura Seifert

Laura Seifert

PTYS Graduate Student

Laura is a first year PhD student in the Planetary Sciences Department. She was born and raised in Hartland, Michigan and received her B. S. in Geosciences from the University of Arizona. Her Undergraduate research through the UA/NASA Space Grant Program focused on 40Ar-39Ar age dating and characterization of Apollo Lunar samples and noble gas analysis of Carbonaceous Chondrites using gas source mass spectrometry. She also studied planetary materials and analogs using LDI mass spectrometry at Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD. Laura's research interests are primarily in cosmochemistry and planetary surface processes. Her graduate work focuses on studying presolar grains preserved in meteorites to learn about the thermodynamics of the early solar system using Transmission Electron Microscopy. 


Conference Abstracts

Seifert, L., Haenecour, P., Ramrasad, T., Zega, T., (2020) Structure and Chemistry of a Supernova Orthopyroxene Grain in the CO Chondrite Dominion Range 08006. LPSC LI, abstract # 2471.

Ramprasad T., Haenecour P., Seifert L., Zega T.J. Understanding the Origin and Evolution of Meteoritic Refractory Minerals Through Transmission Electron Microscopy. M&M 2019.

Ramprasad T., Seifert L., Zega T.J. Microstructural Analysis of a Refractory-siderophile Grain, Found in a Calcium-Aluminum-Rich Inclusion. LPSC 2020.

Seifert, L., Haenecour, P., Zega, T., Ramprasad, T., (2019) Coordinated Analyses of a Supernova Polycrystalline Olivine Aggregate in the CO Chondrite Dominion Range 08006. M&M 2019, abstract #2490.

Seifert, L., Haenecour, P., Zega, T., (2019) Elemental composition and microstructure of a supernova polycrystalline olivine aggregate in the CO chondrite dominion range 08006. LPSC L, abstract #2585.

Seifert, L., Haenecour, P., Zega, T., Floss, C., (2018) TEM Analysis of Presolar Silicate Grain in the DOM 08006, CO Chondrite. LPSC XLVIIII, abstract #2980.

Seifert, L., Haenecour, P., Zega, T., (2018) Multi-keV Analyses of a Presolar Mg-Silicate Grain via SEM/STEM. M&M 2018, abstract #2098.

Seifert, L., Kring, D., Swindle, T., (2017) 40Ar-39Ar Dating of Apollo Impact Melts- Searching for Imbrium. LPSC XLVIII, abstract #2993.