Pierre-Marie Zanetta

Pierre-Marie Zanetta

Postdoctoral Research Associate I

Pierre-Marie grew up in the Paris suburbs (France) and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Earth Sciences from the university of Orsay. He then moved to Paris and graduated with a master’s degree of Planetology and Spatial Exploration still attached to the university of Orsay. He obtained his Ph.D. in material chemistry in the university of Lille (France). His thesis was focused on the analysis of the matrix of pristine (weakly altered) carbonaceous chondrites using electron microscopy. For this aim he developed numerous scripts using various languages but more specifically Hyperspy (python). As a postdoctoral researcher at LPL, his research interest focus on nano-analytical (mainly EELS) study of the first solids of the early solar system contained in meteorites.


  • Ph.D., 2019 University of Lille (France)
  • Bachelor and Master. University of Orsay (France)

Hewins, R. H., Zanda, B., Pont, S., Zanetta, P.-M. Northwest Africa 10414, a pigeonite cumulate shergottite 2019M&PS...54.2132H

Zanetta, P. M., Le Guillou, C., Leroux, H., Zanda, B., Hewins, R. H., Lewin, E., & Pont, S. Modal abundance, density and chemistry of micrometer-sized assemblages by advanced electron microscopy: Application to chondrites. Chemical Geology, 514, 2741.