Meet the SIIOS Team!

Brad Avenson

Sensor Design Engineer

Brad Avenson has spent over 15 years designing sensors for a range of applications from sonar and audio, to interferometric optical seismometers for Silicon Audio.  For the SIIOS Project Brad uses his experience with transducer design to help the team tailor the instrument to achieve our science...

S. H. 'Hop' Bailey

Principal Investigator

'Hop' Bailey has been Project Manager for multiple Earth-based and space missions at the Lunar and Planetary Lab/University of Arizona, so we know we are in good hands with him as the SIIOS PI!  His past mission involvement includes, but is not limited to, the Thermal and Evolved Gas...

Veronica Bray Durfey

Lead Europa Scientist

Dr. Veronica Bray Durfey is a planetary scientist at the University of Arizona who specializes in comparative planetology and impact cratering. Veronica is the Europa Science Lead for SIIOS, defining sensor/array requirements based on Europan surface conditions and the latest lander mission...

Christina Carr

Text to come. 

Peter Dahl

Peter Dahl is a Sr. Principal Engineer at the University of Washington Applied Physics Laboratory and Professor of Mechanical Engineering.     He has nearly three decades of experience in the field of underwater acoustics having conducted and led international field experiments throughout the...

Daniella DellaGiustina

Daniella DellaGiustina

Project Scientist

Daniella Della-Giustina is a Co-Investigator and Project Scientist for SIIOS. Dani leads the development of science and operational requirements and coordinates fieldwork for deployment of the SIIOS instrument in planetary analog environments in the Arctic. She is also the sharp-shooter for the...

Susan 'Suz' Detweiler

Personnel Safety Officer

Susan 'Suz" Detweiler has decades of global experience as a mountaineer and AMGA certified climbing guide. Suz guided scientists in the Antarctic and served as a senior member of the U.S. Antarctic Program Search and Rescue team for ten seasons...

Angela Marusiak

Angela is a PhD Candidate at the University of Maryland where she works with Dr. Nicholas Schmerr. Her work focuses on planetary seismology, and the utility of single-station seismometers. She is interested in using SIIOS’ active source experiment to investigate the local structure of the ice...

Erin Pettit

Glaciologist and Field Campaign Lead

Dr. Erin Pettit is an Associate Professor of glaciology and geophysics at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. With over 15 years of field glaciology expertise throughout Antarctica, Greenland, Alaska, and the Pacific Northwest, Erin is a sure choice for SIIOS Field Campaign Leader! Erin...

Tom Quinn

Tom Quinn has supported expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctic for the past twenty-seven years. Tom is responsible for assisting with logistical support for SIIOS in Greenland.

Nick Schmerr

Lead Planetary Seismologist

Dr. Nick Schmerr is a planetary seismologist at the University of Maryland. Nick is the Planetary Seismology Lead for the SIIOS Project and in charge of designing the seismic experiments, data collection methods, and studying the structure of ice with our recorded seismic waves.

Natalie Wagner

Natalie Wagner is an undergraduate research assistant studying geophysics at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Her role in this project will consist of helping with the setup and monitoring of the instruments used, as well as analyzing parts of the data when back at UAF.

Renee Weber

Dr. Renee Weber is a planetary scientist and manager of the Heliophysics and Planetary Science Division at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. Renee has worked extensively to re-analyze Apollo seismic data and is a science team member on the InSight mission, which will send a modern, broad-band...