Moon Poetry Showcase

  • Light Me

    by Sandy Luna

    Light me

    Light me in this chaos
    Caress me with your fullness 
    take me to the infinite of the universe.

    Light me, I am lost
    Warm my heart to continue
    Shelter me with your beauty.

    Calm my soul with your silence 
    Bring peace to my soul
    Take away my worries. 

    Coddle me in your lap
    Take my soul to heaven 
    Give peace to my heart.

    Light me in this chaos 
    Light me in this path
    Light me to infinity.

    Poet Biography:  I was born in Puebla Mexico in a small-town named Agua de la Luna and raised by a lovely parent, two sister and two brothers. We moved to Mexico City when I was about a year old and live there for a few years during the 70s. When I was about eight years, we all moved back to Agua de la Luna.

  • Hero

    by Jon Erath 

    When the sun sets,
    the moon becomes the hero

    It leads the stars in shining up our world
    A hero with a shady past,
    I wonder what's on the dark side of the moon and why it won't show us

    The moon has many personalities
    Shown by its many faces

    Full, New
    Waning, Waxing
    Crescent, Gibbous
    First Quarter, Third Quarter

    Always showing a different side
    Always showing a side of beauty

    Poet Biography:  Jon Erath is a graduate of the University of Arizona. He graduated with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Art. Poetry and art are passions of his and astronomy is an inspiration.

  • Hubble Dreaming of Gliese 1214b

    by Wink K. Brown

    You are so far out of reach, but that is part of the appeal.
    Isolated, blue and vast
    (It seems as if your rich color makes you even lonelier, even dreamier)
    Made up completely of oceans
    Sooooo dangerous, yet sooooo alluring.
    I just want to sink into your waves
    Plummeting down down down into your endless deep with no escape
    Sounds intense, but
    You are the dream I’ve been orbiting for as long as I can remember.

    I’m just a distant hubble, a tool specifically designed to probe and highlight the strengths of others
    It’s no surprise that I’d end up lost in your glow
    Capturing your beauty
    Telling the whole world about you.
    I know I shouldn’t be getting close, but
    I just can’t stop admiring you

    It started with a vision of you in a far off constellation 
    But even the clearest shots of you never seem to be enough.
    I want to explore past your steamy exterior, past your ocean makeup
    The parts of you that are hidden from the rest of the world.

    So maybe the sights I will catch today are treats that I’ll keep for myself.
    Every rotation, every glimpse, every second
    Brings me one step closer to drowning in the astonishing you

    Poet Biography: I am a teenage poet, author and songwriter based in the DMV. I love fashion, volleyball, martial arts tricking, r&b, Kpop, roller skating, milkshakes, reading and writing, planetary and atmospheric sciences, Japanese food *runs out of breath* yeah I have too many obsessions to count lol. I am a Lifeholic and a summer baby! Wink.


    It's Not Surprising

    by June Wilson

    It's not surprising
    that the moon smells like
    spent gun powder
    all the hearts that have
    looking up at it.
    Only a borrower 
    like the moon
    can excite such passion
    to bring a rain of halos
    down to earth
    burning circles 
    in the ground. 

    Poet Biography:  June Wilson is an artist and poet who lives in Middletown New Jersey

  • You are the Silver Dollar

    by Lynn Finger

    You are the silver dollar
    I didn’t spend at the
    all night diner.

    You’re the light I could have used
    when my matches got wet

    Who cares if you’re 238,900 
    miles away?
    You’re a friend

    in the mesquite branches 
    on a hot night,
    a cool distant spoon

    in the morning.
    I look for you even when I 
    don’t know I am

    looking. I stand plumb
    on this earth of ours
    head tilted to you.

    Human, meet the Moon.

    Poet Biography: Lynn Finger’s poetry has appeared in the Ekphrastic Review, Night Music Journal, Feral, and is forthcoming in Drunk Monkeys and 8Poems. Lynn is a trauma therapist, and co-editor of the Harpy Hybrid Review, which is a journal dedicated to hybrid works. She is also involved with a group that mentors writers in prison.

  • Goodnight, Moon

    by Adeene Denton

    I had a dream I ate the Moon
    Ate it like a peach
    The Sun was young and the planets younger
    And I was a giant woman
    Made of gas and dust and hardened starlight
    Worlds floated past me
    Speedy with the pain of the newly born
    I stretched my great big hand out to grab the steaming Moon
    Swollen with its magma
    Vomiting its insides so that it could clothe itself
    Like babies planets are born ugly and misshapen
    And the Moon hung there
    Fracturing and recrystallizing in great shrieking cracks
    If planets had brains to feel it and mouths to tell it
    Would they say that it burned to make themselves
    Or would they only scream to think of it
    Of inside becoming outside
    Of outside sinking in deep
    I took that throbbing Moon to my mouth and bit down with diamond teeth
    The Moon was still so soft then, you see
    Soft with the heat of youth
    Lava spilled out of my mouth like the juice of the largest, wildest fruit
    Running in burning rivers down my chin
    Until it froze like teardrops against my freezing skin
    I don’t know how long it took
    How many eons it was at the beginning of time that I was there
    But I swear I ate the Moon
    Ate it like a peach
    Chewed its juicy bloated mantle down to its iron core
    It was when I stared at that core
    The heavy center of a missing world
    Lying lonely in my great terrible hand like a child’s toy
    That I woke up
    And as I looked out the window to see the Moon still hanging there
    Yellow with its stolen light
    I could not remember why
    In those eons as the world was born
    I had wanted it to die

    Poet Biography: Adeene Denton is currently completing her PhD in 
          Planetary Science at Purdue University, where she studies the
          dynamics of basin-forming impacts. She does not actually want to
          eat the Moon.


    First Day of Spring

    by June Wilson

    Just a slice,
    the adolescent moon
    smirks at Venus
    bright dimple
    in the western sky. 

    Poet Biography: June Wilson is an artist and poet who lives in Middletown New Jersey

  • The Dream Of The Moon

    by Snehasikta Gouda

    Since time immemorial
    When people had no idea of memorial
    They had dreamed
    To go to the Moon
    And make it their home soon.

    Then there arose the space race
    Whose origin we can trace
    To the Cold War
    Between the USA
    And the USSR.
    At that time
    Nobody could say
    What way
    The leaders could take
    And what decisions they could make.

    The USA decided
    And tried
    To make the dream
    Of the Moon
    True soon.
    This made people scream
    Out of excitement
    And amusement.

    The Apollo 11
    Landed humans
    On the Moon
    And the astronauts brought
    The remains
    Of the Moon’s craters.
    They clicked many photos
    Of the Moon
    And tried to relate these pictures
    With ancient scriptures.
    Astro Armstrong,
    Who had worked very hard
    For long,
    Shared his success
    With the entire human race
    Without leaving
    Even a single face.

    Stepping on that Moon,
    Which makes people swoon,
    Was an ecstatic moment
    Not only for the astronauts
    But also for the curious kids
    Eating nuts
    In their huts
    And aspiring to become
    Excellent astronauts.

    Now we dream and dream
    And try and try
    And don’t cry and cry
    After failures,
    Because we go
    We are
    The Artemis generation
    And space exploration
    Is our passion.

    Poet Biography: Snehasikta Gouda is an Indian citizen who has studied in AECS, OSCOM and Khallikote Higher Secondary School, Berhampur. She is best known as the winner of NASA Scientist for a Day 2018-19 in grade 9-12 category. Her target was Enceladus. Her hobby is collecting foreign currencies. She is a gifted poet who has sent her poem titled ‘We Have Great Hopes’ to the JWST Public Art.

  • Yours

    by Sinai

    When you reminisce;
    I hope you remember,
    The curves you traced,
    The sights you saw,
    The way I trembled,
    Because for a time,
    Under the constellations,
    In this voyage,
    I was yours.


  • lessons from the moon

    by Linda M. Crate

    the moon
    infinite and ancient in her wisdom
    taught me that you don't
    have to be whole in order to shine,
    that one is beautiful
    in all phases
    of transformation;
    she taught me that one can speak
    in calm waves and tempests
    the moon taught me
    compassion for

    Poet Biography: Linda M. Crate's works have been published in
          numerous magazines and anthologies both online and in print. She
          is the author of six poetry chapbooks, the latest of which is:
          More Than Bone Music (Clare Songbirds Publishing House, March
          2019). She's also the author of the novel Phoenix Tears (Czykmate
          Books, June 2018). Recently she has published two full-length
          poetry collections.


    Pretty Sure I've Been There Before

    by Wink K. Brown

    Distant, dreamy and blinding 
    The light of these bright balls of gas suspenders in our view
    Stars are attractive, innumerable and hot to the touch
    But I regularly rearrange them as if they are mere balls of...well, nothing

    Nights I spent dancing in the bursts of pink, purple and blue
    The comforting twinkling sounds
    The Orion Nebula has splendid acoustics, you know
    As well as pockets to hide my deepest thoughts
    Thankfully, the visiting rockets and satellites never share those thoughts with the world

    The cloud tops of Venus.
    Suffocating and uninhabitable to most, the planet may be
    But the atmosphere is simply paradise.
    Someone once told me I was the color of Venus
    But I don’t think our physical shades match
    Either way, my soul matches 
    The dreamy cloak over that world
    It may not be for everyone
    But to me,
    Venus is just right.

    These are the places I visit each night
    During class
    During explanations 
    In the middle of insufferable moments
    Memories of my adventures comfort me.

    Poet Biography: I am a teenage poet, author and songwriter. I’m based in the DMV and I love fashion, pop music, anything that requires dancing and jumping, and recently I’ve become obsessed with space, sports and meteorology. Writing is getting me through my daily challenges!

  • Dear Moon

    by Julie Komenda

    Dear Moon

    I can’t believe I took you for granted, always there

    You, smiling down or curtained with night clouds between us

    How I loved watching you when I was young staying up late on the Fourth of July

    to see fireworks upstaged by the fullness of your beaming face among the stars

    And I never thought to see if you were not just alone, but lonely

    Out in the cold and dark so far, far away

    On my worst nights I still find comfort in your gaze, 

    even if it is all you can give me

    And I will be watching 

    With such envy

    When others visit you 

    Favored to reflect your light

    Poet Biography:  Julie Komenda believes that “everything is related” and expresses that in symbolic and environmentally themed art and writing. Whether working in batik on handmade paper, clay, jewelry, or a variety of acrylic media, her vivid, colorful imagery reflects a curiosity for linking materials to ideas.


  • Mother Moon

    by Robin Motzer

    While dancing in the light of the silvery moon,

    With imaginings of other life in tune,

    Amongst the stars she shines.

    One giant leap for man would find,

    Mother Moon is our Guardian Light,

    Nature moves among the night.

    Above the forests, deserts and oceans,

    Guiding the water and animals’ motions.

    Dutifully, with peace, quiet and no strife,

    Grateful for her brilliance, she supports abundant life.

    While some celebrate her radiant glory,

    Her rhythms lull others to sleep, to dream an alternative story.

    Poet Biography: Robin's work is influenced by her love of nature, animals, her training in the healing arts, and the architecture and color she observes during her extensive international travels. She is an accomplished artist, with works displayed in galleries, a writer with numerous articles on art and design, and her poetry is featured in San Pedro Anthology, to raise awareness and protection of the river.

  • Perigee-Syzygy Moon

    by Alicia Sometimes

    known as supermoon
    full moon or new moon
    when it tucks in close
    to the earth
    vivid bright sculpture
    the scratches and shades
    of the moonscape allow
    us to imagine its touch
    we observe its lofty allure
    this alignment of earth, sun
    and moon sets off poems
    headlines, posters and art
    we relish its elliptical orbit
    marvel over the perspective:
    trees and houses and the horizon
    can make the moon appear larger
    long term—the moon is receding
    our gravitational pull
    letting go ever so slightly
    no lasso will restrain it
    but each year we can delight
    in the perigee-syzygy moon
    its brimming structure tranquil while
    overflowing with astronomic history

    Poet Biography: Alicia Sometimes is an Australian poet, writer and broadcaster. Her poems have been in Best Australian Science Writing, Best Australian Poems, Meanjin, Griffith Review and more. She is director and co-writer of the science-poetry planetarium shows, Elemental and Particle/Wave. Her 2019 TedxUQ talk was about the passion of combining art with science.

  • Deimos Unbound

    by Oriel Humes

    To the rest of the universe, it looks like this:
    the three of us are a perfect team,
    you and your two small moons both orbiting smoothly
    in the same direction,
    steadfast companions in the lonely dark

    I know you see it differently in your rusty skies,
    because it’s never been that simple.
    Yes, you pulls us both, 
    but we move in opposite directions as you turn below us
    Phobos, zipping through your days and nights
    like the inevitable collision can’t happen soon enough
    And I, distant and hesitant, 
    drifting away so slowly you pretend not to notice
    (we all know I’ve never been one for attachment anyways)

    Now picture how it ends:
    Phobos will crash,
    loyal to you past the point of self destruction.
    You and I part ways eventually,
    the friction between us bleeding away
    what little remains of our tenuous bond.
    And the others will call it a shame
    when they mourn the loss of something they never really understood.

    Poet Biography: Oriel Humes is a planetary science PhD student, writer, and visual artist.

  • WoMan of the Moon

    by Chrysanthe Kapuranis

    You call to me tonight and every night
    Light and dark phases, dancing together
    Until the break of dawn.
    We walk in your shadows and wonder –
    Your exquisite scars, your constant changing.
    You move the waters around and within us.
    Locked in sync, by time and light
    With earth and sun, one day,
    Lifetimes from now, you ascend.
    You become a shimmering halo
    Surrounding our fragile blue world.
    You are one, you will be many.

    Poet Biography: Astronomy is a passion, especially the moon phases, and a painting was created from images photographed through the telescope in class. To continue the project, an art book of a poem was designed and printed at the University Letterpress Lab. A recent work, Tactile Moon, is a textured painting with the idea that art be accessible for everyone. I am attending classes as a 2d major in Fine Arts.

  • Moon in my room

    by Miljan Golubovic

    I want to share a story 
    my grandpa once had told me.

    In the beginning there was nothing.
    No planets, Sun or stars. 
    Just the mother  Earth
    With no people and cars.

    The mother Earth was happy. 
    Young, pretty and wild. 
    Grandpa, you say mother... 
    But, where is her child? 

    Then it started starting
    And then, there was a boom. 
    And Cosmos started farting
    And soon there was a moon. 

    Ooo boy, don't laugh
    Things are about to get rough.

    Moon's imagination,
    just a little spark. 
    Like every other child
    - afraid of the dark. 

    So Moon is the child
    Of the planet Earth? 
    And wherever she goes 
    It holds on her skirt?

    Let me ask you something. he said. 

    Have you ever wandered 
    Why late in the night
    One side is dark and 
    other so bright? 


    Every mother have
    To check on her child. 
    Carefully and quiet
    Kiss him for good night

    When you fall sleep 
    Easy on her toes, 
    She puts of the lights
    But opens the doors.

    Half dark, half bright.
    Just like the moon. 
    It is your room. 

    Poet Biography: I am male 36 years old. Have lived in South Africa for seven years. Originally from Europe. Lover of music and nature.

  • Moon Shadow

    by Allison McGraw

    Casting reflected light, you illuminate my night.
    In comparison for what surrounds you, I'd call you bright.
    Gravitational marriage leads you on as a carriage, an extra
    reflector hanging on tight and oh so right to throw a Moon

    Poet Biography: Allison is a graduate student at the University of Arizona's Lunar & Planetary Laboratory where she studies the mineralogy of asteroids and meteorites.

  • Theia, the Moon, and Small Animals

    by Claudia Avila

    Outside memory’s narrative whispers
    Celestial rivals oust one from her Lagrangian seat
    Resigned to traverse an atomless field
    Trajectory confines the migration 
    Exiled body of Theia draws near 
    The vulnerable sphere of Terra 

    Collision stings deep from initial defeat
    Mingles the vermilion marrow
    Mutually dazed by gravitational truce
    Theia’s moulted essence accretes a lambent skin
    An attentive visage cradled in tenebrism
    Stoic witness to novel fecundity 
    Erupting on the cloud-webbed lazurite 

    Small animals enmeshed in birth and death
    Yearn from a moody mantle
    The nagging dream to roam still lands
    Of regolith powdered bleakness

    Perpetual wounds on highlands intrigue 
    Continue the hunt across the flood basalt sheet
    Until language-heat flows through fossilized veins
    When moon glass bleeds ancient water 
    For the returning awe-seekers who fill 
    Convex onyx and amberish-gold 
    Translucent shields 

    Poet Biography: Claudia Avila is a visual artist working in a contemporary symbolist style. Originally from Los Angeles, she lived in Iceland for nine years before relocating to Arizona in 2009.