Space Shorts Submission

A pair of shorts patterned with stars in a logo that says space shorts - the art of planetary science


The Art of Planetary Science invites young humans to write a space travel story of their own! We are looking for young humans to write a short story for our theme of Space Travel. You may find inspiration in Tucson’s rich history of space exploration, or perhaps you are inspired by other science-fiction themes such as aliens, lost worlds, interstellar human space travel, space-themed fashion or futuristic robotic worlds. All students from k-12 through undergraduate seniors are invited to submit.


Astronaut on a foreign planet with a cactus-looking spacecraft


Welcome Space Traveler, to your own space-faring adventure! Imagine a world or destination of your choosing. What does it look like? When you close your eyes, what color is the sky? Does it orbit one star, or maybe two? Is there life teeming on the surface? Are there rivers, lakes or oceans and are they made of water? Is the surface barren? Is it molten? Is there any life in the atmosphere above the ground? What kind of spacecraft or spaceship did you use to get there? What was your journey to your new world like? Was it dangerous and frightening, and did it take you a very long time? Have humans from Earth explored your new world before? Is it a desolate moon of a planet or an exotic place unknown to the greater part of the galaxy?

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