Art Survey

Artist Survey


Thank you for agreeing to help us improve next year's event by filling out our artist survey. We know this year did not go perfectly, but for our first year we hope it wasn't too bad. We already have a list of things we learned, things we did well, and things we did not. For example, I know many of the placard labels were missing information, and we apologize for that. We already have a better system designed for next year to avoid those issues. We also know that the lighting and hanging was not gallery-professional, but our building is not set up like a gallery, and we aren't professionals. We're just graduate students that are passionate about science and art, so you're just going to have to bear with us on that one. But still, these are the types of things we need to hear from you to help us improve the event for next year, so any suggestions/critiques are appreciated!


Some of the questions on this survey are related to finances. We strove to make this event as inclusive as possible, and were amazed at the response we got from the community. However, as a university department we may not have the resources to pay for this event on a regular basis, and are exploring options for how to cover these costs. We put this event on with a very small budget this year, due to donations from a few local businesses, and a couple of generous scientists within the department. We cannot rely on that generosity every year however, and will need to find a way to support the costs of renting display equipment, printing, and funding prizes. We do not want to limit the number of pieces we can accept, nor do we want to charge you for wanting to participate. However, we need to know if the event can survive if that is our best option. So please be honest, and if you have suggestions, let us know!