Property FAQs

What does capital equipment mean?

Capital equipment means an item of non-expendable, tangible, personal property which has an aggregate acquisition cost of fair market value of $5,000.00 or more.

What object code should I use for purchasing equipment?

The expense object code to use for non-capital equipment is 5720.

The expense object codes to use for capital equipment are 5750 and 7610 through 7730.

What do I do if equipment is going to be used off campus?

Equipment that is going to be taken off campus (i.e. laptops) requires a certification statement for off-campus location use of equipment. The form must be completed either by the admin or by the LPL business office. All off campus forms must be approved by the LPL business office before equipment can be taken off campus.

The certification state for off-campus location use of equipment form can be found here:

I have equipment I would like to surplus what should I do?

Requestor should contact the LPL business office and provide a list of items to surplus which needs to include all tag numbers.

Federally titled equipment CAN NOT be disposed of until disposition instructions are obtained from the SPS property administrator.