ICE PIG at an Icelandic glacier
Landis, Sori, Bramson and Byrne at the base of an Icelandic glacier in August 2015


ICE PIG at Krafla
Sori, Bramson, Bapst and Becerra at the Krafla lava flow in Iceland, September 2015


Thumbs up
Sori and Byrne give thumbs up to Dimmuborgir lava features, Iceland, September 2015


Juice boxes 4 daaayz
Bramson, Sori, Byrne and Becerra drinking juice boxes with a selfie stick at Asbyrgi, Iceland in September 2015


ICE PIG at Dettifoss
Becerra, Bramson and Bapst with a rainbow over Dettifoss, Iceland in September 2015



Bramson and Byrne take a selfie with the differential GPS rover at Laki, Iceland, August 2015

The Needles
Bramson, Landis, Byrne and Bapst in the Needles, Canyonlands, Utah in Spring 2015


Byrne monitoring the drive down Bobby's Hole, Canyonlands, Spring 2015

White Sands
Byrne at White Sands, New Mexico, November 2014 (photo credit: Sarah Peacock)


"Beach Day"
Landis, Bramson and Byrne on their way to a green sand beach in Hawaii, May 2014


Lava Coil
Becerra with an awesome lava coil in Hawaii, May 2014

Thermal image of Byrne taken by a FLIR in Hawaii, May 2014


Hawaii Selfie Inception
Bramson, Byrne, Landis and Becerra caught taking selfies in Hawaii, May 2014


Rio Grande Gorge
Byrne looking out over the Rio Grande Gorge, September 2013

Columnar Basalts in Idaho
Bramson with columnar basalt in Idaho during the Fall 2012 HiRISE Team Meeting


Kelso Dunes
Byrne looks over Kelso Dunes, Spring 2012 (photo credit: James Keane)