May 2015

Saturday, Jan 31–Sunday, May 17
5:00 pm
Astronomical: Photographs of Our Solar System and Beyond

The evolution of photography has been inextricably bound up with the field of astronomy. Since photography's earliest days, it has been used as a tool to advance astronomical observation and thought, yielding some of the most curious and compelling images in the medium's history. Featuring works by a diversity of makers ranging from pioneering scientists to artists and amateurs, this exhibition surveys mankind's ongoing efforts to chart and understand an expanding universe.

Center for Creative Photography Gallery
1030 N. Olive Rd.

Free to the public
Center for Creative Photography Gallery: Room
Monday, May 4
4:00 pm
TAP Colloquium: Dr. Gilles Chabrier
Dr. Gilles Chabrier
ENS-Lyon (France) / U. Exeter (UK)

Star, brown dwarf and giant planet formation

The formation of stars, brown dwarfs and planets remains one of the unsettled issues of astrophysics. Whether, for instance, brown dwarfs and giant planets share or not a common formation mechanism or whether, in contrast brown dwarfs from essentially like stars whereas giant planets follow a different path remain the subject of heated debates. In this talk I will first present observational results which bring strong constraints on formation theories and help resolving some issues. In the second part I will briefly summarize the main theories which have been proposed to explain star, brown dwarf and planet formation, and will confront these theories to the aforementioned observational results. At last I will conclude my talk by summarizing the results and present the main conclusions of these studies.
Kuiper Space Sciences: Room 312
Tuesday, May 5
10:00 am
Final Defense: Patrick Lee Harner
M.S. in Planetary Sciences
Patrick Lee Harner
Department of Planetary Sciences

Carbonates and Other Salts in the Atacama Desert and on Mars, and the Implications for the Role of Life in Carbonate Formation
Kuiper Space Sciences: Room 309
Tuesday, May 5
3:45 pm
LPL Graduate Student Colloquia: Hannah Tanquary and Shane Stone
Hannah Tanquary
Graduate Student in the Department of Planetary Sciences

"Residence Times of Particles in Diffusive Protoplanetary Disk Environments. II. Radial Motions and Applications to Dust Annealing"

Shane Stone
Graduate Student in the Department of Planetary Sciences

"Membrane Alternatives in Worlds without Oxygen: Creation of an Azotosome"
Kuiper Space Sciences: Room 312
Wednesday, May 6
Last day of classes
Thursday, May 7
Reading Day - no classes
Friday, May 8
Final examinations begin
Wednesday, May 13
7:30 pm
Space Drafts Public Talk Series: Radar Love: Recent Asteroid and Comet Results from Arecibo Observatory Planetary Radar

Alessondra Springmann
Graduate Student in the Department of Planetary Sciences

Radar Love: Recent Asteroid and Comet Results from Arecibo Observatory Planetary Radar

Borderlands Brewing Co.
119 E. Toole Ave.
Borderlands Brewing Co.: Room
Thursday, May 14
Final examinations end
Thursday, May 14
2:00 pm
College of Science Spring 2015 Commencement Ceremony
McKale Center: Room
Saturday, May 16
7:30 pm
U of A Spring 2015 Commencement Ceremony
Arizona Stadium: Room
Monday, May 25
Memorial Day Holiday: no classes