Special Colloquium: Dr. Marco Delbo

In Search for Most Ancient Asteroids to Tell Us the Story of the Origin of Our Solar System

Dr. Marco Delbo
Research Scientist
Université Côte d'Azur

The question of how planets form has always been a challenge in planetary science. One of the most obscure phase of this process is how dust accretes in a gas-dominated protoplanetary disk to form the planetesimals, the building blocks of planets. The problem of planetesimal formation is typically approached from theoretical aspects, but even same models predict different planetesimals size distribution depending on the numerical resolution that is used! We directly observe some the surviving planetesimals of our Solar System: We know that asteroids are leftovers from the planet-formation era. But we know that not all asteroids are survivors from the primordial times. Their vast majority are collisional fragments of larger parents, which broke all along the history of the solar system. I will describe how we did a “cleaning” of all the asteroids that are collisional fragments in the Main Belt in order to reveal the original planetesimals that are still surviving in that region. I will describe their properties and what they tell use about the beginning of our solar system.


December 11, 2018 3:45pm