Special Presentation: Dr. Matt Mountain

From Galileo to the Hubble Telescope and Beyond

Dr. Matt Mountain
President, Association for Universities for Research in Astronomy
Telescope Scientist, the James Webb Space Telescope

From Galileo to the Hubble Telescope and Beyond: A Story of a Remarkable Optical Instrument, the Telescope and how Future Advances in Optical Sciences will make it Possible “to Put a Dent in the Universe.”

A revolution was started four-hundred years ago when Galileo lifted a small telescope to the night sky for the very first time in human history. From that moment, there was no turning back, our view of the Cosmos and our place in this vast Universe was irreversibly changed. This talk will take a “whistle stop tour” of the Universe we see today thorough the Hubble Space Telescope and show how this led to the audacious James Webb Space Telescope, the largest telescope planned (so far) to fly in space. However, the most transformative moment in human history still lies before us. As we push the limits of science and optical engineering into new frontiers, we can make an observation only a telescope can undertake across the chasm of interstellar space – are we alone, or is there life out there amongst the stars? The human race will be irreversibly changed once again because of advances in optical instrumentation. To plagiarize Steve Jobs.


October 30, 2019 3:00pm