PTYS656A - Atmospheric Radiation and Remote Sensing

Course Syllabus

Lecture Notes:

     Title & Lecture NotesClass PresentationAdditional Reading
1 A Few Preliminaries On Hydrostatic Equilibrium & the Adiabatic Lapse Rate Any Introductory Textbook on Atmospheres
2 The Radiative Transfer Equation The RT equation Course Textbook
3 Black Body Intensity and the dawn of Quantum Mechanics An unexpected finding Intro Quantum Textbook
4 LTE emission Planetary IR spectra Course Textbook
5 A little on Spectroscopy From the RT equation to exoplanetary transits Course Textbook
6 Line Broadening Curve of Growth Course Textbook
7 Einstein Coefficients Einstein Coefficients RT textbooks
8 RT model of Runaway Greenhouse Lecture notes on runaway greenhouse Ingersoll 1969
9 Light Scattering Light Scattering Hansen and Travis 1974
10 Simple RT scattering models Diffuse and Direct Radiation Thomas and Stamnes 1999

Additional Reading:

Ingersoll (1969): The runaway greenhouse effect

Mayer et al. (1958): First microwave observations of Venus

Courtin et al. (1995): Thermal emission from Titan

Hansen and Travis (1974): Light scattering in Planetary Atmospheres