LPL Webmail

Webmail at LPLSecure LPL WebMail provides encrypted email access using most standard web browsers.

Click below to access one of the LPL WebMail servers:

LPL WebMail (Server 1)

LPL WebMail (Server 2)

LPL WebMail to PIRL

If you need help seeing your IMAP folders in LPL WebMail, see How do I see my IMAP folders in LPL WebMail?

WebMail will be faster if you keep your Inbox small by periodically moving messages to an IMAP folder.

For best performance, use a non-webmail mail client (e.g., Pine, Outlook, Thunderbird) when you are working from your own machine.

See the Computing FAQ for answers to questions, or to report problems.

Please feel free to come by rooms SS-201, SS-409A, or SS-317 for a tutorial or to discuss LPL WebMail features.