PTYS/LPL Faculty

Betul Kacar

Assistant Professor
Astrobiology, Exoplanets; Planetary Formation and Evolution, Origins of Life
Ph.D., 2010, Emory University

Life Sciences 346 ∙ Kuiper 401

Years with LPL: 2019 to present

Refereed publications (NASA ADS): Calendar Years 2017 through 2019

Walker, S. I., Bains, W., Cronin, L., DasSarma, S., Danielache, S., Domagal-Goldman, S., Kacar, B., Kiang, N. Y., Lenardic, A., Reinhard, C. T., Moore, W., Schwieterman, E. W., Shkolnik, E. L., Smith, H. B. Exoplanet Biosignatures: Future Directions 2018AsBio..18..779W

Kacar, B., Guy, L., Smith, E., Baross, J. Resurrecting ancestral genes in bacteria to interpret ancient biosignatures 2017RSPTA.37560352K

Kacar, B., Ge, X., Sanyal, S., Gaucher, E. A. Experimental Evolution of Escherichia coli Harboring an Ancient Translation Protein 2017JMolE..84...69K

Venkataram S, Monasky R, Hadjizadeh SS, Kryazhimskiy S and Kacar B. (2019) The onset of evolutionary stalling and the limit on the power of natural selection to improve a cellular module  (bioRxiv)

Garcia AK and Kacar B. (2019) How to resurrect ancestral proteins as proxies for ancient biogeochemistry. Free Radical Biology Medicine.  (Highlighted by NASA Astrobiology Institute)

Garcia AK, McShea H, Kolaczkowski B and Kacar B. (2019) Reconstructing the evolutionary history of nitrogenases: Evidence for ancestral molybdenum-cofactor utilization (In press, Geobiology) bioRxiv:

Adam ZR,  Fahrenbach A, Jacobson SM, Kacar B, Zubarev D. (2019) Radiolysis generates a complex organosynthetic chemical network (chemRxiv)

Kaçar, B., & Womack, Y. (2018). Future shaped by pasts that could have been (Journal of Design and Science). 

Adam ZR,  Kacar B, Som SS, Lynch K, Walther-Antonio M, Williford K. (2018) The origin of animals as microbial host volumes in nutrient-limited seas (Peer J)

Adam ZR, Fahrenbach AC, Kacar B, Aono M. (2018) Prebiotic geochemical automata at the intersection of radiolytic chemistry, physical complexity, and systems biology Complexity

Kacar B, Hanson-Smith V, Adam ZR, Boekelheide N. (2017) Reconstruction and Dynamic Modeling of Ancestral Rubisco Proteins Geobiology, 00:1–13. (Covered in New Scientist, NASA Astrobiology Institute Research Highlights)

Kacar B, Garmendia E*, Tuncbag N, Andersson DI, Hughes D. (2017) Functional Constraints on Replacing an Essential Gene with Its Ancient and ModernHomologs MBio


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