Computer Facilities

How do I scan documents and convert them into pdf files?

  1. Login as lpluser (no password) to the Windows 2000 PC in Room 331. 
  2. Use Explorer to create a new folder under C:\users\yourname. 
  3. Double-click on the HP Precision Scan Pro 3.01 icon. 
  4. Place the first page of your lecture notes in the upper-right corner of the HP ScanJet 7400C's glass bed (face-down) and close the lid. 
  5. Click Scan -> New Scan. 
  6. Wait for the lamp to warm up (one minute). 
  7. Use the mouse to outline the area of the scanned page that you wish to record. 
  8. Click Scan -> Save As. 

What kind of MACs and Windows PCs are available at LPL?

Our various Macintosh systems run the latest release of MacOS availabe for the individual systems. Most systems have the Microsoft Office site (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) as well as Apple iWorks installed. The PCs typically run Windows XP or Windows 7. All are connected to the network and have access to the Unix filesystems, printers and other network tools such as Secure Shell and Secure File Transfer.

What LPL systems are not part of LCS?

Some of the computational resources at LPL are not part of LCS. These autonomous systems provide direct support for our many research and instructional groups. The policies governing their use are independent of LCS. LCS resources are characterized by their general availability to all LPL faculty, students, and staff members and are not specifically dedicated to particular uses (e.g. Business Office, Academic Office). When in doubt regarding the ownership of a computational resource, consider its location, and feel free to consult LCS Staff.

How do I access LPL's public ftp (anonymous ftp) site?

Click here to access the LPL public ftp site: LPL FTP Site

You can download files from the site by going to pub/lpl/. If you are using a browser to download, click the file of your choice to start the download. If you are using a command -line window to connect to the ftp site, login to shell with your LPL credentials, cd /ftp/pub/lpl/, and use the "get" command to download a file.

If you would like to create a directory from which the public may download files, please contact LCS Support.

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