How to Use SSH on Windows to Change Your LPL Password


If you do not already have a Secure Shell (SSH) Client installed on your PC, click here to learn how to download, install, and test Secure Shell.

To use SSH from your Windows PC to change your LPL password, follow these instructions:

  • Double Click the "Secure Shell Client" icon (white with blue bubbles) on your desktop.

  • Click Quick Connect.

  • Fill in the fields as follows: Host Name: User Name: your-LPL-username

  • Click Connect. You might be presented with a "Host Identification" window announcing that you are connecting to shell for the first time. This notice only appears the first time you connect to a particular host if you save the key.

  • If you see such a prompt, click Yes. A window titled "Enter Password" will appear.

  • Type your login password into the "Password:" window.

  • Click OK.

  • Type your password.

  • Press Return or Click OK or Connect. This should log you in to You should see a command-line prompt that looks like this: shell:/home/your-LPL-username % or shell:%

  • You can then issue the UNIX passwd command:passwd You will see two lines displayed:  passwd: Changing password for your-LPL-username Enter existing login password:

  • Enter your current password (it will not display) and hit return.

  • Then enter your new password (it will not display) and hit return.

  • Then reenter your new password (it will not display) and hit return. You should then see the command-line prompt.

  • Then logout by issuing the UNIX exit command: shell:/home/your-LPL-username % exit logout Connection to shell closed.