How do I scan documents and convert them into pdf files?

  1. Login as lpluser (no password) to the Windows 2000 PC in Room 331. 
  2. Use Explorer to create a new folder under C:\users\yourname. 
  3. Double-click on the HP Precision Scan Pro 3.01 icon. 
  4. Place the first page of your lecture notes in the upper-right corner of the HP ScanJet 7400C's glass bed (face-down) and close the lid. 
  5. Click Scan -> New Scan. 
  6. Wait for the lamp to warm up (one minute). 
  7. Use the mouse to outline the area of the scanned page that you wish to record. 
  8. Click Scan -> Save As. 
  9. Navigate to c:\temp. 
  10. Save the image as a PDF file (e.g., yourfile.pdf). 
  11. Lift the scanner lid, replace page 1 with page 2, and close the lid. 
  12. Click Scan in the "Scan another page into current document" pop-up. 
  13. Repeat steps 11 and 12 until you've scanned all pages. 
  14. Click Done in the "Scan another page into current document" pop-up. 
  15. Click Scan -> Exit. 
  16. Use Secure File Transfer to upload the files to your LPL home directory. 
  17. Delete your pdf files from c:\temp on the PC.