How do I add a network printer to my Windows PC?

If you are running Windows 2000 or Windows XP, you can add a network printers as follows:

  1. Find the name or ip address of the printer you wish to add.

    The printers in room 331 are called hp3525-331 and hp4300-331.

    The HP-4500 color printer in room 509H is called hp4500-509h.
    You need to refer to these two printers by their IP addresses instead of by their names when adding them.

    The IP address for hp4500-509h is .
    The IP address for hp4300-331 is .

  2. Find the type of the printer you wish to add.

    Some popular public printers are:
    hp4300-331: HP 4300 LaserJet
    hp3525-331: HP 4600 LaserJet

    To find the names/types of other network printers, look at the front of the printer, check the printer manual, or login to an lpl solaris machine (e.g., shell), and issue this command: "cat /etc/printers.conf".

  3. Login as administrator or a user in the administrator group.

  4. Add the printer using HP JetDirect, which comes pre-installed with Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

    Click Settings -> Printers -> Add Printer.
    Click Next.
    Click Local printer.
    (Yes, you click "local" to add a network printer using HP JetDirect.)

    Unclick "look for plug-n-play device".
    (This is a rough paraphrase.)
    Click Create a new port.
    Click Standard TCP/IP port.
    Click Next.

    Type the printer name in first field.
    For hp4300-331, hp4500-509h, and hp2200-525, enter the printer's IP address instead.

    The second field will fill in automatically.

    Click Next and wait a moment for the driver selection screen to come up.

    Select the printer manufacturer (e.g., HP).
    Select the printer model, or the closest matching entry.
    For hp2200-525, use HP Laserjet 2100 Series PS as the printer model.
    For hp4500-509h, use HP Laserjet 4500 Series PS as the printer model.

    Windows will find and load the correct printer driver, which is usually already on the c:/ drive.

    Click Next.
    Click No.
    Click Do not share.
    Click Yes.
    Click Finish.
    Click OK.