How do I connect to the Windows Terminal Servers?

Unix - Suns, including SunRays, and Linux:

Connect using the "rdesktop" program. Generally useful options include:

  • -r sound:local redirect sound to local machine
  • -a 16 set color bit depth of display 8|15|16|24
  • -f run in full screen mode
  • -g 1024x768 set the display geometry to 1024x768

A typical command might be:

rdesktop -a 16 -g 1024x768 -r sound:local
rdesktop -a 16 -g 1024x768 -r sound:local


Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection is installed on many of the LPL Macs, or is available from under Downloads. Running the RDC program asks for the name of the remote computer, here that would be or, and clicking the Options tab will allow the user to set options, such as display size, and sound handling.

Other Windows Boxes

To connect to the terminal server from a PC running Windows:

Select Start
Select All Programs
Select Accessories
Select Communications
Select Remote Desktop Connection

The program will ask for the name of the remote machine to which to connect; here it would be or When you log into the terminal servers, under any enviroment, it will prompt you for a user name and password. Make sure you are on the AD domain and proceed to enter your AD Username/Password combination. In addition, the Options button can be use to set options such as the display size and sound control.