How do I get and install X-Win32 on my Windows PC?

0. If you don't have WinZip installed on your PC:

Download WinZip from the LPL FTP Site and install it.

2. Order X-Win32 from the UA CATS X-Win32 Purchase Page.

Fill out the registration form, visit the LPL Business Office to have an IRB form completed, fax both forms to CATS (using the phone number on the registration form), and send the forms by campus mail to CATS (using the addressee on the registration form).

3. Download X-Win32.

When you receive email from CATS containing the download website and your software registration key, follow the instructions in the email to download X-Win32.

5. Install X-Win32.

6. Configure X-Win32.

Click Start->Programs->Xwin32_5.2->XConfig.
  Click the Sessions tab.
   Click Add.
   Select XDMCP.
   Click Next.
   Enter a Session Name (you invent this) and
           Hostname (to which you wish to connect).
   Click Save.
 Click the Window tab.
   Select Single.
   Click OK.
 Click the Security tab.
   Click Add.
   Enter the IP address of the host to which you wish to connect.
   Click Apply.
   Click OK.

7. Use X-Win32 to connect to a UNIX host.

Click Start->Programs->Xwin32_5.2->X-Win32.
Click the X in the upper left corner.
Pull down to Sessions.
Pull down to the hostname to which you wish to connect.