How do I configure my Android/Droid phone to send and receive LPL mail?

If your android k-9 mail is already configured with Push disabled as specified below, but k-9 is slow or not working click here.

The Android/Droid phone comes with a mail client program that cannot send mail using TLS. 
The popular (free) K-9 Mail application has TLS support and more.

Follow these instructions to download, install, and configure K-9 Mail to send and receive LPL mail:

  • Click the Applications tab at the bottom of your screen and select Market.
  • Click on the Magnifying Class icon in the upper right.
  • Type K9 in the search box and click the Magnifying Glass icon to search.
  • Click on K9 Mail and install it.
  • When it finishes, open the application list and select K9 Mail.
  • Enter your email account information.
    • Enter your LPL e-mail address in full (include
    • Enter your password.
    • Click Next.
  • Enter the incoming server settings.
  • Enter your LPL username.
  • Enter your password.
  • Enter
  • Choose SSL (always).
  • Choose PLAIN
  • Enter 993 for port.
  • Enter mail for IMAP path prefix.
  • Click Next.
  • Click Accept Key to accept the certificate.
  • Enter
  • Select TLS (always)
  • Enter 587 for port.
  • Check Require sign-in.
  • Select PLAIN
  • Enter your LPL username.
  • Enter your password.
  • Enter the outgoing server settings.
  • Click Next.
  • Leave these settings as is. Click Next.
  • Enter a name for your account, e.g. LPL
  • Enter your full name.

Every folder you have on Push starts a separate imap process. 
A lot of people are having this problem worldwide, 
so disabling Push as follows is very important!

  • Click LPL.
  • Click Fetching mail.
  • Click Push folders.
  • Select None.
  • Click Poll folders.
  • Select Only 1st class folders.
  • Click Folder poll frequency.
  • Select 30 minutes.

You can also download K-9 Mail from google or from softpedia.