How do I install and configure Pine on my Windows PC?

To download, install, and test Pine, perform the following steps on your Windows PC.

1) Download and install the Pine package to your Windows PC, as follows: 

If your PC is running Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista, you must be logged in as an Administrator user to install the Pine software, so log out of Windows and log back in as Administrator, if necessary.

Then click here to download the PC-Pine setup program. Save it to your desktop. Double-click on the downloaded file and use the wizard to install PC-Pine.

No reboot is required.


2) Create a shortcut for Pine on your desktop.

Use Windows Explorer to navigate to C:\Program Files\Pine.
Right-click on the pine icon (a green tree).
Left-click on Create Shortcut.
A new file will appear at the bottom of the Explorer window's file list.
Left-click on the new Shortcut icon and drag it to the desktop.


3) Configure Pine.

Double-click the "Shortcut to Pine" icon on your desktop.
Enter the following configuration information in the pop-up window:

IMAP Server: 
Username: your-username 
Pine will then start. The first time it starts, Pine might not be able to find your mail inbox. It will then ask you for the name of the inbox.

Enter the following: {}INBOX 

You are now be logged into hindmost via Pine. 

For detailed information on configuring Pine, please click here: How to Configure Pine on a Windows PC.