How do I see my IMAP folders in LPL WebMail?

This procedure applies to LPL mail users only (not PIRL mail users).

login to webmail

click Options (at the top center of the webmail page) 
click Folder Preferences 
look at the Folder Path field. it should say "mail/". 
fill it in, if necessary. 
click Submit

click on Folders 
(at the center of the screen above the list of inbox messages),

highlight the folder(s) that you wish to view in webmail 
(you can highlight several folders at once by holding down the 
ctrl button and clicking them, or holding down the shift button to 
highlight a contiguous block in the folders list),

click the Subscribe button. 
click the "refresh folder list" link at the top center of the Options page. 
click INBOX at the top of the tree on the left side of the page to return to your inbox.