How do I use email at LPL?

After you have obtained an LPL user account from LPL Systems, you may use LPL email in one of the following ways:

  • Set up and use an LPL email client on your desktop/laptop, as follows:
    < >Windows and Mac users can download and install Thunderbird, unless they prefer Outlook or Mac Mail.

    Sun and Linux users should find that Thunderbird is already installed on their system.

    Click here to learn how to set up your LPL email client.

    Solaris command-line users can use pine or mailx after ssh-ing to shell (no setup required).

    Login to LPL WebMail

For best performance, LPL Systems recommends that you set up and use an email client on your desktop/laptop. 
LPL WebMail is primarily intended for use when you do not have access to your own system.