I can't send mail to LPL, due to a DNS problem. How do I fix this?

To help block spam, the LPL mail server filters incoming connections by checking the DNS (Domain Name Service) records of sending mail servers. Incoming connections are rejected from systems which have missing, incomplete, or conflicting DNS entries.

The sender then receives one of the following error messages:

  • Possibly forged hostname for ip-address-of-sending-mail-server
  • Fix reverse DNS for ip-address-of-sending-mail-server

Legitimate senders who receive such a message should send an email to sys (LPL Systems) (using another email account/ISP, like gmail), specifying the from-address that cannot send. LPL Systems staff will help diagnose and correct the problem.

Details for mail server administrators:

  • The IP address of the system which connects to deliver a message must resolve to a hostname, and that hostname must resolve to the same IP address. Otherwise, the connection is rejected.
  • Click here for detailed information and step-by-step instructions showing how to analyze and fix these problems.