If I lose my network connection while composing a message/reply in LPL WebMail, can I recover my composition?

If you've lost your connection and then click "Save Draft", your draft will be lost after you close the Compose window, since your browser cannot write to your drafts folder, which is stored under your home directory on the mail server.

Therefore, if you lose your modem or internet connection while you are composing a message or a reply:

- Open a text editor window on your local machine. 
- Use the mouse to highlight the composed text in the webmail compose window. 
- Cut-and-paste that text into the text editor window. - Save the text editor contents to a file on your local machine.

Regarding the cut-and-paste mechanics: 
- On Solaris, use the left button to highlight and the middle button to paste. 
- On Windows, this is more difficult, since the webmail Compose/Reply window has no "edit->cut/copy/paste" menu, but you can cut-and-paste by: 
Highlighting the text, 
Right-clicking into the text editor window, 
Selecting Paste from the pop-up list. 
- On MacOS, the cut-and-paste procedure is not yet documented.

Regardless of whether or not this cut-and-paste worked:

- Leave the webmail windows as they are (leave the compose/reply window open). 
- Re-establish the network connection. 
- Now see whether i can resume the webmail session from where one left off. Since you haven't logged out of webmail, and the session hasn't had enough time to timeout, this is sometimes possible. This is one reason why it's very important to Logout of webmail after each session. 
- Click on the main webmail browser window's border. 
- Click Back to INBOX. 
- Refresh your INBOX. 
- Click Compose and send yourself a test message. 
- Refresh your INBOX. 
- If this works, then click on the Compose window that has your original draft. Either click Save Draft and check your drafts folder for the saved draft, or simply complete your composition and click Send Message. - If this doesn't work, return to the LPL WebMail login page and login again. Then recreate your composition, using the copy that was saved in your local text editor window, using cut-and-paste.