My Android phone is configured for mail, but mail is slow, late, or not being delivered

Common Android network issues FAQ

Android applications (such as k9) have issues when switching between networks, such as 3g 4g and wifi.

Applications are not always as 'aware' of the network change as is expected and will hang, then respawn over the new route.

In the case of k9 mail client- this can result in a build up of imap processes server-side, and will eventually cause performance issues with mail delivery.

** K9 Workaround: Ensure k9 is up to date and configured with Push disabled.

*easiest action is to remove k9 and then reinstall k9 from the android market

*configure k9 settings using this FAQ: k-9 mail

*install advanced task killer from the android market: AdvancedTaskKiller

*after switching networks, (k9 lags) launch advanced task killer

*kill the k9 process*

*reload the k9 app from the icon

This will clean up the connection issues and allow for normal operations.