What kind of printers and other peripherals are available at LPL?

There are black-and-white and color printers for LPL public use in Kuiper Space Sciences room 331.

Location Queue Name(s) Printer Type Output Type IP Address
Room 331 hp4300-331 / hp4300-331-dup black-white single-sided / duplex
Room 331 hp4600-331 / hp4600-331-dup color single-sided / duplex
Room 331 hp3525-331 / hp3525-331-dup color single-sided / duplex
Room 444 (hall) hp3525-444 / hp3525-444-dup color single-sided / duplex

To print duplex from a Solaris machine, use the appropriate -dup queue. To print duplex from a Windows PC, use the Print/Print Setup/Print Preview GUI to select double-sided printing.

The Windows-PC in room 331 has an attached flatbed scanner & OCR software for digitizing paper documents.

Other centralized peripherals are located in the main LCS computer room and support offices (444/446). They are attached to Unix servers. For more information on these devices, please contact sys.