How do I access LPL computers/systems from outside of the network?

Internet access to LPL is available only through Secure Shell (telnet is not permitted). Click here for information on configuring your system for Secure Shell (SSH) access to LPL: LCS SSH FAQ.

If you need to access LPL email from remote sites, the Secure LPL WebMail System is a convenient option. If you have an LPL computer login account, then you can access Secure LPL WebMail. Click here to access the system: LPL WebMail Home.

Unless your laptop/home machine is fast and using a broadband high-speed internet connection, LPL WebMail is likely to be somewhat slow. If you have an LPL computer login account, a much faster way of accessing LPL email from remote sites is to configure your email client to use the main LPL mail server to quickly read and send email from anywhere in the world. Click here to learn how to configure your email client.