How do I download and install SSH on my Windows Machine?

To download, install, and test Secure Shell, perform the following steps on your Windows PC.

1) Check if Secure Shell is already installed on your PC, as follows:

Click "Start" (lower left corner of the screen). Click "Control Panel" Select "Add/Remove Programs" Scan the list of installed programs. You might need to scroll.

If Secure Shell is listed, proceed to step 4. Otherwise, proceed to step 2.

2) Copy the Secure Shell package to your Windows PC, as follows:

Click here to download the SSHSecureShellClient executable. Save it to your desktop.

3) Install Secure Shell.

To install software on your PC, you must be logged in as a user who has administrator rights, so log out of Windows and log back in as Administrator, if necessary. Then install Secure Shell, as follows:

Double-click on the downloaded SSH exe file on your desktop. Click OK Accept all of the defaults as you are prompted.

No reboot is required. 4) Test Secure Shell.

Double Click the "Secure Shell Client" icon on your desktop. A window titled "- default - SSH Secure Shell Client" with a SSH copyright notice will appear. Press the space bar. A "Connect to Remote Host" window will appear. Type "" (no quotes) into the "Host Name:" window. Type your login username (e.g., cleopatra) into the "User Name:" window. (for example, if your email address is, enter "username" without the quotes.) Click Connect

You will be presented with a "Host Identification" window announcing that you are connecting to shell for the first time. This notice only appears the first time you connect to a particular host if you save the key.

Click Yes to save the key in the local database.

A window titled "Enter Password" will appear. Type your login password into the "Password:" window. Click OK.

You are now be logged into shell via Secure Shell.