How do I use Secure Shell Transfer on my Win PC?

double-click on the yellow folder icon
click Quick Connect
fill in the fields as follows:
Host Name:
User Name: yourusername
click Connect
click Yes if prompted
type your LPL password
you will get a GUI interface showing the files/dirs under your LPL home directory
to upload a file:
click on the Up Arrow button in the middle of the horizontal row of buttons
that runs across the top of the window, just below File Edit View...
use the pop-up window to navigate to the file that you'd like to upload
click once on that file
click Upload

to download:
click once on the file that you wish to download
click on the Down Arrow button next to the Up Arrow button
use the pop-up window to navigate to the folder into which you'd like to download
click once on that folder
click Download