How do I set up my own LPL web page?

To set up a web page you must have a collection of HTML files that are the content of your pages. To create these, you'll need to know how to write HTML. It's quite easy to learn HTML. Take a look at the pages for the HTML Class that we gave a while ago for some places to start.

So if you have the HTML and other files for your web page, how do you get it up on the LPL web pages?

Begin by using ssh to connect to and log in to your LPL UNIX account. In your LPL home directory, create a directory called public_html (you can do this with the command mkdir public_html). You have to make this directory world readable, so that everyone can see your webpage. To do this, you can use the command chmod a+r public_html, from your home directory. Now put all of the HTML files into this directory (or make more directories under this), and you'll be able to see them on the web.

The address of your new web pages will be:

where username is your username.

For example, the web address for rbeyer's web page is

Those are the basics! If you have questions, please email

LPL Webmaster / webmaster