Desktop Environments

How do I print my screen in CDE on my Solaris workstation?

  • Right-click on the background.
  • Click Applications->Snapshot.
  • Click the radio button next to Snap Type: Screen.
  • Click Snap. After a moment, a big window will open that has an image of the desktop.
    This can be a bit disconcerting, as this big window looks exactly like a smaller version of the full screen.
  • Along the top of that window's menu bar, click File->Print. A print window will open.
    Click Print or Print Preview in that window. You'll probably need to play with the several

How do I view or save a postscript file on my Windows PC?

1) Download GhostScript
Go to

download gs800w32.exe and gsv43w32.exe to your desktop
(double-click and choose save, or right-click copy and paste).

2) Install GhostScript
Double click on the files you downloaded.

3) Copy the icons to your Desktop
click start->programs->ghostgum->gs view 4.3
right-click on gsview 4.3, send to desktop

How do I change Windows Explorer to open in a specified location, rather than c:\My Documents?

1) Make a shortcut to Windows Explorer on your Desktop:
    * Click Start->Programs->Accessories.
    * Right-click Explorer.
    * Click Send To->Desktop.

2) Right-click the new Explorer shortcut icon, and select

3) Change the Target field
    from %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe
      to %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /e,path

    (where "path" is the directory you want Explorer to open in,
including the drive.)

How do I get/control sound from the Windows Terminal Server?

If set up correctly in the remote desktop program, either by the correct option on the command line, or by selection the correct option menues, sound from the terminal server should be delivered to the local machine (the one you are sitting in front of). If the connection is correct, you should hear the normal Windows chimes when you log into the terminal server.

What is the Windows Terminal Server?

The two Windows Terminal Servers, called and, are computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system. These servers are available for use from remote machines. This allows users who may have another machine on their desktop the ability to run applications which are only available on Windows machines. 


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