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How to Configure Pine on Windows PCs

Initial Start-up 

When you start PC-Pine for the first time, the program will prompt you for certain information. That configuration data is written either to a configuration file on the IMAP server (the default) or to PC-Pine's configuration file (named PINERC in the directory you unpacked PC-Pine in), so you will not have to enter it every time. 

How do I find my spam folders?

Your LPL email client must use IMAP (not POP) in order for you to see your spam folders. If you are a POP user, please contact LPL Systems Staff to have your mail converted to IMAP, or to have your spam filter disabled. If you don't know what IMAP and POP are, contact LPL Systems Staff (or use google) to find out.

To access your spam folders in pine:
ssh to hindmost and run pine. You will see the almost-certainly-spam and probably-spam folders in your list of folders (from the Main Menu, type L to see the folder list).

How do I analyze and fix my outgoing mail server's DNS issues?

Instructions for Mail Systems Administrators

To help block spam, the LPL mail server filters incoming connections by checking the DNS (Domain Name Service) records of sending mail servers. Incoming connections are rejected from systems which have missing, incomplete, or conflicting DNS entries. To analyze and fix your mail server's DNS entries, follow the instructions on this page.

I can't send mail to LPL, because my outgoing mail server is on the Spamhaus or Barracuda blocklist. How do I fix this?

To help block spam, the LPL mail server filters incoming connections by consulting the worldwide Spamhaus and Barracuda lists of known spammers. Incoming connections are rejected from any system listed in the Spamhaus or Barracuda databases.

The sender then receives one of the following error messages:

My Android phone is configured for mail, but mail is slow, late, or not being delivered

Common Android network issues FAQ

Android applications (such as k9) have issues when switching between networks, such as 3g 4g and wifi.

Applications are not always as 'aware' of the network change as is expected and will hang, then respawn over the new route.

In the case of k9 mail client- this can result in a build up of imap processes server-side, and will eventually cause performance issues with mail delivery.

** K9 Workaround: Ensure k9 is up to date and configured with Push disabled.

How do I configure my Android/Droid phone to send and receive LPL mail?

If your android k-9 mail is already configured with Push disabled as specified below, but k-9 is slow or not working click here.

The Android/Droid phone comes with a mail client program that cannot send mail using TLS. 
The popular (free) K-9 Mail application has TLS support and more.

Follow these instructions to download, install, and configure K-9 Mail to send and receive LPL mail:


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