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How do I configure my LPL email client?

When you begin using your modern graphical email client program (e.g., Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Outlook), it will present a series of setup screens.

If you are creating an account on Thunderbird or Mac Mail for the first time, 
your mail client program will try to configure your incoming and outgoing settings automatically. 
Its guesses will be wrong, so just click Manual Setup and enter the values given below.

Fill in the following values:

How do I access archived mailing list messages (Majordomo)?

To read the content of archived messages:

  • First send a message with "index marzsat" in the body to see the 
    list of messages.
  • Then send a message with "get marzsat log.xxxx" in the body to have 
    majordomo email you the archived message you'd like to see.

We plan to install majorcool (a web-based command interface for list maintainers and users) and web-based archive software for reading the archive. For now, please use the majordomo commands to access the archive. 

How do I read Microsoft Word email attachments in UNIX mail?

UNIX LPL WebMail: Click on the message to read it, then click on the attachment hyperlink (not the diskette or MS Word icons) to view the text version of the attachment.

UNIX Pine: Read the message, use the V and S commands to save the attachment to your UNIX home directory, then use the antiword command to display the saved file in text format (% antiword saved_filename).


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