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If I lose my network connection while composing a message/reply in LPL WebMail, can I recover my composition?

If you've lost your connection and then click "Save Draft", your draft will be lost after you close the Compose window, since your browser cannot write to your drafts folder, which is stored under your home directory on the mail server.

Therefore, if you lose your modem or internet connection while you are composing a message or a reply:

- Open a text editor window on your local machine. 
- Use the mouse to highlight the composed text in the webmail compose window. 
- Cut-and-paste that text into the text editor window. - Save the text editor contents to a file on your local machine.

Regarding the cut-and-paste mechanics: 
- On Solaris, use the left button to highlight and the middle button to paste. 
- On Windows, this is more difficult, since the webmail Compose/Reply window has no "edit->cut/copy/paste" menu, but you can cut-and-paste by: 
Highlighting the text, 
Right-clicking into the text editor window, 
Selecting Paste from the pop-up list. 
- On MacOS, the cut-and-paste procedure is not yet documented.

Regardless of whether or not this cut-and-paste worked:

- Leave the webmail windows as they are (leave the compose/reply window open). 
- Re-establish the network connection. 
- Now see whether i can resume the webmail session from where one left off. Since you haven't logged out of webmail, and the session hasn't had enough time to timeout, this is sometimes possible. This is one reason why it's very important to Logout of webmail after each session. 
- Click on the main webmail browser window's border. 
- Click Back to INBOX. 
- Refresh your INBOX. 
- Click Compose and send yourself a test message. 
- Refresh your INBOX. 
- If this works, then click on the Compose window that has your original draft. Either click Save Draft and check your drafts folder for the saved draft, or simply complete your composition and click Send Message. - If this doesn't work, return to the LPL WebMail login page and login again. Then recreate your composition, using the copy that was saved in your local text editor window, using cut-and-paste. 

Where does a draft of a reply go when I click "Save Draft" in LPL WebMail?

When you save a draft while composing a message in LPL WebMail, the draft goes to your drafts folder. You can see your drafts by clicking on the dark blue rectangular button just above the LPL logo on the left margin of your browser window. By default, this button is set to "INBOX". Clicking this button will give you a list of your folders. Select "drafts" from this list to see the entries that are in your drafts folder. You can then click on a draft to see its content, then click on "Resume" above the message to resume composing the draft. 

How do I use LPL WebMail?

LPL WebMail is accessible from a link on the LPL home page. To obtain more information and login instructions, please click here: LPL WebMail Home. If you have comments or problem reports, please send email to sys. 

How do I tell the LPL spam filter to always tag messages from certain senders as spam (create a blacklist)?

ssh to an LPL solaris server 
Use your favorite editor (e.g., vi or pico) to edit this file: 
and add a "blacklist_from sender-address" line for each address or class of addresses.

Here are a few examples:

blacklist_from *

If you do not know how to use a unix editor (e.g., vi or pico) to make that type of change, send email to sys to request that it be done for you. 

How do I prevent the spam filtering of messages from certain senders (create a whitelist)?

If you find messages in your spam folders that should not have been filtered (false positives), you can prevent messages sent from the sender of those messages from being filtered in the future as follows:

ssh to an LPL solaris server 
Use your favorite editor (e.g., vi or pico) to edit this file: 
and add a "whitelist_from sender-address" line for each address or class of addresses.

Here are a few examples:

whitelist_from * 
whitelist_from dude@* 
whitelist_from *

The user_prefs file already has a sample whitelist line, commented-out. If you do not know how to use a unix editor (e.g., vi or pico) to make that type of change, send email to sys to request that it be done for you. 

Where does my filtered spam go?

The LPL spam filter delivers filtered spam to your mail/probably-spam and mail/almost-certainly-spam folders. All other messages are delivered to your inbox as usual. You will probably need to subscribe to these two folders to see them with your mail client program. In most email client programs (e.g., Thunderbird, Outlook), you'll click File->Subscribe to do this. For help with this, please send email to sys (LPL Systems Staff) with a subject line of "spam folder config".

Please check your spam folders from time to time to be sure that only spam is being collected there. Each probably-spam folder is purged when it reaches 25 megabytes in size. Each almost-certainly-spam folder is purged when it reaches 10 megabytes in size.

If you are a PIRL user, the destination of your filtered spam depends on how you configured the filter. 

How do I filter or block spam from my incoming LPL email?

LPL users can have spam filtered from their incoming email by sending email to sys (LPL Systems Staff) with a subject line of "enable spam filter".

PIRL users can start filtering spam by going to the PIRL SpamAssassin page and following the instructions. 

LPL WebMail keeps asking me to install a certificate. Why?

LPL WebMail was upgraded on March 1, 2003, so users need to update their bookmark/favorite and install a new security certificate. To do this:

Why is my SquirrelMail running slow?

Probably because your Inbox is too big. If your Inbox is larger than 50 MB, webmail will be slow. To see how big your inbox is, ssh to shell and type "ls -l /var/mail/yourusername", where yourusername is your LPL username. 
To dramatically improve your webmail performance, use your favorite non-webmail email client (e.g., pine, thunderbird) to create extra IMAP folders and save your Inbox messages to those folders. Once your Inbox is trimmed, keep it small by filing messages to IMAP folders frequently. If you can only use webmail to do create the folders and trim your Inbox, follow these steps:

  • Click on folders and create a new folder. Sorry, but our system doesn't currently allow sub-folders.
  • Go back to the Inbox (click INBOX on the left-hand side of the screen).
  • Check the box next to the message(s) you want to move.
  • Just above the messages, there is a drop-down list that has all of your folder names. Select the folder you just created, then click the Move button.
How do I see my IMAP folders in LPL WebMail?

This procedure applies to LPL mail users only (not PIRL mail users).

login to webmail

click Options (at the top center of the webmail page) 
click Folder Preferences 
look at the Folder Path field. it should say "mail/". 
fill it in, if necessary. 
click Submit

click on Folders 
(at the center of the screen above the list of inbox messages),

highlight the folder(s) that you wish to view in webmail 
(you can highlight several folders at once by holding down the 
ctrl button and clicking them, or holding down the shift button to 
highlight a contiguous block in the folders list),

click the Subscribe button. 
click the "refresh folder list" link at the top center of the Options page. 
click INBOX at the top of the tree on the left side of the page to return to your inbox.


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