Sophos Anti-Virus

Why do I receive virus email from people at LPL whose computers are not infected?

LPL email addresses are contained in the email address books of thousands, if not millions, of computers worldwide. When a worm infects a random machine in the world, it harvests all of the email addresses stored on that machine and launches email messages to and from those addresses, forging the From: address. Human recipients tend to infer that these messages were sent by the user listed in the From: line, from the forged sender's computer.

How can I determine whether an email I've received contains a virus/worm?

If you receive an email that has a random, strange, or blank subject line and has one or more attachments, it may very well contain a virus or worm, and should be handled with caution. Do not open it or click on any of the attachments, even if you know the name of the person on the From: line.

If you receive an email that contains an attachment that you are not 100% sure is ok, delete it the email.

How do I get and install or update Sophos Anti-Virus software on my PC?

Windows Users:

Click here to download Sophos and to learn how to install and configure it. 
The Sophos download will install Sophos Anti-Virus, update it, and then continue to update it automatically. 
Be sure to click into and read the Quickstart Install Guide under News and information on the Sophos download page. 
Please contact the LPL Systems Staff if you would like help with this.

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