What types of information does the Graduate College provide for new and prospective students?

New and prospective graduate students should check-in frequently with the UA Graduate College web site for information about degree services, funding opportunities, professional development, child care subsidies and family friendly information, health, wellness and safety, and other helpful information. The UA Graduate Center is also a good resource for graduate students as well as post-docs.

What is Threatening Behavior and how do I address it?

Threatening Behavior is Prohibited. “Threatening behavior” means any statement, communication, conduct or gesture, including those in written form, directed toward any member of the University community that causes a reasonable apprehension of physical harm to a person or property. A student can be guilty of threatening behavior even if the person who is the object of the threat does not observe or receive it, so long as a reasonable person would interpret the maker’s statement, communication, conduct or gesture as a serious expression of intent to physically harm.

What is LPL Coffee Klatsch?

LPL Coffee Klatsch is an informal gathering of faculty, students, and staff at LPL. Coffee and snacks are provided. It's a great time to take a break and catch up with what's happening in the department. Coffee Klatsch usually happens on Wednesday at 3:30p.m. in Kuiper Space Sciences 309.

Where can I find the Graduate College grievance policy?

Should a graduate student feel he or she has been treated unfairly, there are a number of resources available. With few exceptions, students should first attempt to resolve difficulties informally by bringing those concerns directly to the person responsible for the action, or with the student's graduate advisor, the department head, or the immediate supervisor of the person responsible for the action. If the problem cannot be resolved informally, the student may be able to file a formal grievance.

Where can I find resources for student parents?

Graduate student parents are encouraged to consider applicable family care programs from UA Life & Work Connections, ranging from individual consultations and referrals, to Child Care Subsidy & Housing Program, lactation resources, and a University-subsidized Sick Child and Emergency/Back-up Care Program. Visit to learn more about student child care and related programs.


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