Graduate Incentives for Growth Awards (GIGA)


Graduate Incentives for Growth Awards (GIGA) support is intended as direct funding support for graduate students (international and/or domestic), targeted in the form of seed grants to graduate programs and other relevant units or faculty groups. The GIGA program is intended to advance the University's plan to increase funding and enrollments of graduate students by providing 'venture' or 'matching' funds to attract long-term extramural financial support. It provides graduate student support for one or two years, to (a) bring in more graduate students and (b) bring in more graduate student funding, thereby multiplying the future effects of the award.

GIGA promotes enterprising and investment-oriented uses of an award to attract additional extramural graduate student financial support that will continue beyond the seed funding period. GIGA funds will be available for short-term seed funding, up to two years per award. Due to the nature of the available funds, an award can be used only for graduate student support (i.e., assistantships, fellowships, etc.). Salaries, operations or other expenses, if needed, must be provided by another source. The intended outcome is to multiply the total number and quality of supported graduate students at the UA beyond current base numbers and base support.

Funding Source: 
University of Arizona Graduate College
How to Apply: 

The GIGA program is an annual, competitive program, with proposals evaluated by a faculty awards committee. Continuing awards will be evaluated for second year renewal based on a progress report. Proposals contain a one-page budget summary and an open format for the text (2 pages maximum). Please use an open format, non-technical language that faculty from outside your discipline can understand, and a font no smaller than pt. 11.



Award amounts & Award process: 

Award amounts vary. Contact Maria Teresa Velex, Ph.D., Associate Dean, Graduate College, for further information.