Shirley D. Curson Education Plus Fund in PTYS/LPL


The Fund will be established to support travel expenses outside the State of Arizona during summer break for undergraduate or graduate students in the College of Science’s Department of Planetary Sciences and Lunar and Planetary Laboratory with regard to study, museum visits, special exhibits, seminars, instruction, competitions, research and other endeavors that are beyond those provided by the normal University of Arizona campus environment and are not part of the student’s regular curriculum during the recipient’s school year. Recipient should have completed at least the junior year of school and be returning to The University of Arizona for the following semester. The award will be given to one recipient, selected annually by the head of the Department of Planetary Sciences.

Information about previous recipients is online here.

Funding Source

Endowment Gift of Mrs. Shirley D. Curson

How to Apply

By March 15 preceding the summer of travel, a student must submit, preferably electronically, a 1-3 page explanation of the travel proposed; a letter of invitation from the institution(s) at which the student will study and/or announcement(s) of the program(s) in which the student will participate; a short budget; and a letter of support from a member of the LPL faculty. The name of the recipient will be announced by April 1.



Award amounts & Award process

Award amount varies. The anonymous donor has asked to be informed of how students are making use of these opportunities, so by October 1 following the summer in which the travel occurs, the recipient must submit a report on his or her activities to the head of the Department of Planetary Sciences.