PTYS/LPL Graduate Students

Kuiper 316


John Noonan

PTYS Graduate Student

Exoplanets; Planetary Formation and Evolution, Planetary Astronomy, Small Bodies

I work on the ESA/NASA Rosetta mission, which arrived at the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko in 2014 and gathered crucial data about the comet and its environment until September 2016. More specifically, I use the R-Alice ultraviolet (UV) spectrograph to analyze the surrounding gas envelope, or coma, of the comet to determine its composition, its response to outside energetic events like coronal mass ejections or co-rotating interaction regions from the Sun, and what these observations tell us of the comet's origin and evolution.

B.A. Astrophysics, 2016, The University of Colorado, Boulder
Ph.D. Planetary Sciences, 2022, The University of Arizona

Major Advisor(s): Walter Harris

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