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Kuiper 334


Maria Steinrueck (she/her)

PTYS Graduate Student

Exoplanets; Planetary Formation and Evolution, Planetary Atmospheres

My research focuses on studying the atmospheres of exoplanets with three-dimensional numerical simulations (so-called General Circulation Models or GCM). In my current project I try to understand how photochemical hazes are distributed by the atmospheric circulation of hot Jupiters. Before that, I examined the effect of including CO/CH4 disequilibrium chemistry in the General Circulation Model that our group is currently using to simulate the atmospheres of Hot Jupiters (SPARC/MITgcm).

M.S. Technical Physics, 2015, Vienna University of Technology
B.S. Technical Physics, 2013, Vienna University of Technology
Ph.D. Planetary Sciences, 2021, The University of Arizona

Major Advisor(s): Tommi Koskinen
Minor Field(s) of Study: Astronomy

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