PTYS/LPL Graduate Students

Saverio Cambioni

Astrobiology Research, Exoplanets; Planetary Formation and Evolution, Small Bodies, Machine Learning, Remote Sensing & Space Exploration
M.S. Space and Astronautical Engineering, 2016, University of Rome La Sapienza
B.S. Aerospace Engineering, 2014, University of Rome La Sapienza
MS (en route) Planetary Science, 2019, Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, The University of Arizona

Kuiper 334

Major Advisor(s): Erik Asphaug

In my research, I use machine learning to streamline ground- and space-based observations and computer simulations into fast and accurate surrogate physical models. I mainly focus on formation and evolution of asteroids and their interpretation as leftover of planetary formation. I am also interested in engineering applications of machine learning for maximizing the scientific return of space missions.


  • Cambioni, S., Asphaug, E., Emsenhuber, A., Gabriel, T. S. J., Furfaro, R., and Schwartz, S. R. Realistic On-The-Fly Outcomes of Planetary Collisions: Machine Learning Applied to Simulations of Giant Impacts. The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 875, Number 1. PDF here
  • Cambioni, S., Delbo, M., Ryan, A. J., Furfaro, R., & Asphaug, E. Constraining the Thermal Properties of Planetary Surfaces using Machine Learning: Application to Airless Bodies. Icarus, 2019. PDF here
  • Rizk, B., d'Aubigny, C.D., Hergenrother, C.W., Bos, B.J., Golish, D.R., Malhotra, R., Lauretta, D.S., Butt, J., Patel, J., Fitzgibbon, M. and May, C., Bierhaus, E.B., Freund, S., Fisher, M., Cambioni, S., and other 13 authors. OSIRIS-REx low-velocity particles during outbound cruise. Advances in Space Research, 2018. PDF here
  • Cambioni, S., and Malhotra, R.. The mid-plane of the Main Asteroid Belt. The Astronomical Journal 155.3: 143, 2018. PDF here
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