PTYS/LPL Graduate Students

Theodore Kareta

Orbital dynamics, Small bodies
B.S. Astronomy and Physics, 2017, The University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Kuiper 324

Major Advisor(s): Dante Lauretta

I am interested in understanding the current properties and evolution of small bodies through analysis of spacecraft and telescopic observations. To put it a little more casually, I want to study specific objects that help us understand how small bodies change in time - and what that says about how we should interpret their modern properties and activity in terms of their history.

Currently, I am currently working with Rosetta-OSIRIS images of fractures on the surface of Comet 67P/C-G (to try to quantify modern rates of surface evolution) and visible/infrared reflectance spectra of Asteroid (3200) Phaethon (to understand how the surface appearance varies as it rotates - and what that says about how the near-sun environment has changed it).

Last updated on May 31, 2018