PTYS/LPL Graduate Students

Kuiper 334


Weigang Liang

PTYS Graduate Student

Planetary Atmospheres, Planetary Surfaces

B.A. Physics, 2018, Cornell University

Major Advisor(s): Jeffrey Andrews-Hanna

Liang, W., Johnson, J. R., Hayes, A. G., Lemmon, M. T., Bell, J. F., Grundy, W. M., & Deen, R. G. (2020). Spectrophotometry from Mars Hand Lens Imager goniometer measurements: Kimberley region, Gale Crater. Icarus, 335, 113361

Johnson, J.R., W.G. Grundy, M.T. Lemmon, W. Liang, J.F. Bell III, A.G. Hayes, R.G. Deen, Spectrophotometric Properties of Materials Observed by Pancam on the Mars Exploration Rovers:  4. Final Mission Observations, Icarus, 357, 114261, 2021.

Liang, W., Andrews-Hanna, J. C. (2022) Probing the source of ancient linear gravity anomalies on the Moon. Icarus, 380, 114978

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